NIL DUE / NIL UN Tokyo - LAST HEAVEN Eau De Toilette Unboxing + Review

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I'm reviewing the LAST HEAVEN Eau De Toilette from NIL DUE / NIL UN. This is a new brand from vocalist RUKI of the band "the GazettE". Being one of my favorite bands, I was more than happy to support and I've also been wanting to expand my perfume collection.

As with most purchases from the GazettE, I had to get onto the site as soon as it opened and hope that my order would go through before it sold out. 

Luckily I managed to get 2 bottles of LAST HEAVEN for me and a friend. 

I really wanted this one specifically because "Last Heaven" is one of my favorite ballads by them. For me it's a really calming song that I use to fall asleep often and I was curious to see if (and how much) that image translated to the scent.

It came in a sturdy, yellow box that had the brand name on it. 

It also had the brand's philosophy and links to the social media.

When I opened the box, the first words were "THANK YOU" which I thought was really nice.

Everything was carefully wrapped.

I really like the image of the night sky and the really clean look of the text. The box is compact and sturdy as well.

The majority of the text at the back of the box was all in English which I found quite surprising but it matches with the aesthetic on the page. Either way, it serves its purpose as a caution to users.

Side of the box.

The words "Carpe Diem" pop out at you when you open the perfume.

The yellow that was on the box is actually part of the cardboard protecting the perfume. All in all a pretty good design.

The bottle is completely see-through with just the black and white text and image printed on the front.

Aesthetic-wise it's very nice to look at and photograph. Every inch of the packaging stays true to the overall image of the brand that I've seen so far and it looks good just about anywhere you put it.

Now for the scent review. Bear in mind that I'm still quite new to the intricacies of perfumes and that every scent smells a little different based on the individual.  

The information on the website listed the top notes as something akin to a "fresh, sweetness" that blended into the middle notes of rose and base notes of sandalwood.

On first spray, there's a sharp almost citrus scent but that almost immediately gets replaced with a floral, powdery scent that I assume to be the rose. Just on it's own, the rose isn't overpowering (thankfully) and doesn't lean towards a cloying "stuffy with air-freshener" kind of scent. 

If it were just the rose, then it wouldn't be that striking as a smell but the sandalwood blends with the rose and gives it a bit of a depth, earthiness and "spice". The smell of sandalwood tends to stick in the back of my throat and depending on the day, it's a little too much for me but it balances well with the rose. It's sweet but still feels unisex or genderless which is what this brand is aiming for. 

Just like the song, the scent leans towards the same kind of relaxing, subtle vibe with just enough to keep it from becoming boring so I would say the they match fairly well.

All in all it's a fairly subtle scent. I spritzed a little on a cotton pad and after about 4 hours, it still smells like subtle rose/sandalwood/powder. If you're a fan of sweeter scents, I think this would make a great everyday perfume.

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